Holistic treatments such as yoga, reiki and massage can bring the body back to balance mentally, emotionally and physically and help relieve:

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Insomnia

• Chronic pain

• Frequent illness

• Headaches

• Digestive disorders

• Sinus or chest congestion

• Muscular aches and pains

• Fatigue

• Weight issues

• Body toxicity

• Sciatica

• High blood pressure

• Reduced range of movement

• Poor circulation

• Joint stiffness

• Relieve energetic blockages in the body to bring you back to balance both physically and mentally, leading to a deep sense of wellness

• Slow the aging process by increasing cell renewal

• Improve immune functioning 

• Release endorphins, which induce a sense of well-being

• Enhance creativity by balancing the brain

• Improve overall flexibility, joint mobility, spinal alignment and ease of movement

• Lower blood pressure

• Boost the metabolism by regulating thyroid and adrenal function.

• Detoxify the body from air pollution, food additives and toxic metals which can cause illness

• Enhance the efficiency of the nervous system from a state of stress and tension to relaxation and balance relieving anxiety, depression and insomnia